You will find a tourist information point in the beautiful light yellow colonial house on the corner. Feel free to go in and ask for a map of the city, tips and other tourist information about Bogotá.

the Points of Information located in strategic locations of the city – Bogotá Colombia

To provide national and foreign visitors and locals with free touristic information related to the capital city and the offer of attractions and possibilities of cultural, sports and recreational activities offered by the city and its regional surroundings.

  • touristic information Colombia PIT CENTRO HISTORICO
  • Address: Carrera 8 Calle 10, esquina. Palacio
  • Telephone number: + 57 (1) 423 2600
  • touristic information Colombia PIT CENTRO INTERNACIONAL
  • Address: Carrea 13 No. 26 – 62.
  • Telephone number: (571) 2862248
  • touristic information Colombia PIT QUIOSCO DE LA LUZ
  • Address: Carrera 7, Calle 26 – Parque de la Independencia
  • Telephone number: (571) 2842664
  • touristic information Colombia PIT AVENIDA CHILE
  • Address: Carrera 11 calle 72 plazoleta exterior
  • Telephone number: (571) 2480181
  • touristic information Colombia PIT HACIENDA SANTA BÁRBARA
  • Address: Carrera 7 no. 115 -60 Patio de la Pirámide 2 nivel Zona Antigua
  • Telephone number: (571) 2149233
  • touristic information Colombia PIT UNICENTRO NORTE
  • Address: Avenida15 No- 123-30, Zona Exterior
  • Telephone number: (571)
  • touristic information Colombia PIT TERMINAL DE TRANSPORTE – SALITRE
  • Address: Transversal 66 No. 35-11 Módulo 5 – Local 127.
  • Telephone number: (571) 2954460
  • touristic information Colombia PIT CORFERIAS
  • Address: Recinto Ferial. Carrera 40 No. 22c -67 Pabellón No. 4 Primer piso.
  • Telephone number: (571) 3810000 Ext. 1380.
  • touristic information Colombia PIT MUELLE NACIONAL
  • Address: Terminal de Pasajeros Muelle Nacional – Aeropuerto El Nuevo Dorado.
  • Telephone number: (571) 4147014
  • touristic information Colombia PIT MUELLE INTERNACIONAL
  • Address: Terminal de Pasajeros Muelle Internacional -Aeropuerto El Nuevo Dorado
  • Telephone number: (571) 4138238
  • touristic information Colombia PIT PUENTE AÉREO
  • Address: Avenida El Dorado. Puente Aéreo Avianca – Área interna de llegada de pasajeros.
  • Telephone number: (571) 4147935
  • touristic information Colombia PIT MUNDO AVENTURA
  • Address: Avenida de las Américas con carrera 71c (Estación Transmilenio Mundo Aventura).
  • Telephone number: (571) 2620507
  • touristic information Colombia PIT ALCALÁ
  • Autopista Norte con calle 138 (Estación de Transmilenio – Alcalá).
  • Telephone number: (571) 6148638
  • touristic information Colombia PIT LAS AGUAS
  • Address: Eje Ambiental con calle 18 (Estación Transmilenio Las Aguas)
  • Telephone number: (571) 3347106
  • touristic information Colombia PIT TINTAL
  • Address: Avenida Ciudad de Cali No. 1-99 Sur (Estación Transmilenio Biblioteca Tintal)
  • Telephone number: (571) 4517446

Tours & Tickets in Bogotá Colombia

➡ Discover more about Colombia: Cali Colombia, is known by the rest Colombia as the “Rumba Capital” and by the world as the “Salsa Capital”



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