As well as making the list of the 50 best Latin American restaurants on numerous occasions, Bogotá’s eateries have been recognized for their quality in magazines such as Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler and CNN Travel.

The capital has the most varied cuisine ranging from seafood restaurants, Peruvian, Mexican, Swiss, Italian, French, East to the most delicious Lebanese food, with environments that will be felt elsewhere.

International and typical cuisine restaurants are mostly concentrated in the nor-then and center areas: Usaquen, Parque 93, Zona Rosa, Zona G in Chapinero, atthe international center and la Candelaria.

Likewise include “roundabouts meals” in the vast majority of shopping malls in the city.

To enjoy an exquisite meal santaferena and the panoramic view of the city, don’t miss the restaurant Santa Clara in Montserrate.

The following are the typical dishes from Bogota and its region of influence:

Ajiaco: A soup prepared with chicken (whole or in pieces), three different varieties of potatoes, tender corn (on the cob), coriander and herbs known as “guascas”. It is served with avocado, capers, milk cream and rice.

Fritanga: A mixture of several roasted of fried product, based on meats, pork sausage, pork rinds, pork loin and ribs, beef heart and blood sausage (Spanish legacy), it includes Creole potatoes and ripe plantain. It is generally accompanied with beer, Colom-biana (soft pop soda), or a mixture of these two called “Refajo”.

Mazamorra Chiquita: A soup prepared based on ribs, intestines (giblets), lime beans, peas, carrots, sprouts and corn meal. It is served with rice and avocado.

Puchero Santafereño: Meats, plantain, two kinds of potatoes, yucca and corn. It is decorated with cabbage leaves and small fried tomatoes and onions are placed on the top.

Sancocho de Gallina: This dish is not only from this capital city, but from the entire country. It is a soup boiled with hen or chicken, plantain, yucca, potato, corn, cabbage leaves and sweet potato. It should be served with white rice and avocado.

Tamale: The mass is made of corn, a mixture of pig and chicken meats, peas or chickpeas, wrapped in banana leaves, which serve as wrappers during cooking ad give a good flavor at the same time. In Bogota, it is the custom among families of ocal ancestry, to accompany the tamale with hot chocolate.

Among the sweets and desserts, we have the following:

Cuajada con Melao: Fresh semi-soft cheese baked in the oven, covered with thick syrup made of brown sugar loaf.

Brevas con Arequipe: Figs from the Indies cooked in syrup and filled with a type of milk pudding called “arequipe”.

Arequipe: Milk cooked with sugar with a pasty consistency.

Almojabanas: Small breads made of corn flour, curdled milk and eggs.

Pan de Yuca: Small breads made of yucca flour.

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