Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, is a place that every traveler will eventually visit when traveling around this South American country. Our Bogota travel guide includes practical tips on how to get there, safety, when to go, the best things to do in Bogota, top attractions, and must-visit places.

Travel Tips Bogota, Colombia Travel

Bogota offers a complete network of services to make your stay comfortable, safe, and productive. This section offers some information on matters of general interest, such as Customs, entering and leaving the country, exit taxes, tourist information, opening hours, climate, time differences, clothing, electricity, and access to the media. This is a comprehensive guide which provides in each section telephone numbers where you can obtain additional information.

Tourist Information – Bogota, Colombia Travel

The Tourist Police offers visitors guidance, company, and any necessary protection. Its main office is in the International Center at camera 13 No. 26-62. Officers are permanently on call at the airport, bus terminal, exhibition center; and at some of the most important museums and historic sites.

OPENING HOURS: Banks and financial institutions

Opening hours are flexible. Most financial institutions offer their services from mondays to thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., except on fridays, when they are open for half an hour more, and at the end of the month, when they are open till noon. Other financial institutions have some branches that open on Saturdays, and which are open from 8 am to 8 pm, and even 24 hours a day.

OPENING HOURS: Restaurants, bars and cafes

monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to I a.m.


Colombian time is GMT minus 5 hours. Therefore, at noon in Bogota it is 5 p.m in London; in Madrid, 6 p.m.; in New York, 12 m. and in Los Angeles, 9 a.m. The effective time difference is one hour more in Summer Time.


Electricity in Bogota is 11Ov AC / 60Hz. Plugs are American-style with two flat pins. Current is usually stabilized in hotels. Adaptors and transformers are available in shops. If in doubt, ask before connecting your appliance.

What to Wear

Changes of temperature are frequent but you will need some warm clothes. When visiting a tourist attraction, we suggest that you use comfortable clothing and shoes. In an office, at a work meeting or an exclusive restaurant, men usually wear a tie and ladies a dress or suit. Formal dress is required for some special events and appropriate clothing should be worn in places of worship.

Newspapers, Radio and Television

Hotels, bookshops, and kiosks sell national newspapers and some of the better-known international dailies. Hotels also offer radio and Cable-TV, Internet, and sometimes their own closed-circuit programs. Regional channels are Canal Capital, owned by the City administration, and City TV, of the El Tiempo newspaper group. Specialized publications announcing cultural and artistic events taking place in the city are available.

Police and Security

As in any city around the world, visitors should be careful and take precautions when moving around and visiting places, especially in handling personal valuables. Please read this section thoroughly. If you need help, call the police emergency number 123.

As a precaution, we suggest that you do not carry original identity documents with you. Take a photocopy of the parts of your passport, etc., you may need. Use the hotel safety deposit to keep your personal effects, documents, jewelry, and cash safe; and leave your room key or pass card at the hotel reception.

Try not to carry valuables around and look after your personal effects. If you are carrying a camera or video recorder handle it discreetly.



There is an extensive network of ATMs operating 24 hours a day. Some of them can be operated in English. The ATMs usually allow you to lookup balances, with draw cash, and make transfers and cash advances. Do not one your PIN/Personal Code/Key Number Some ATMs handle international debit and credit cards such as Cirrus, Visa, and Master Card. ATMs are to be found at strategic points on main streets and in shopping centers.

Debit cards

All large stores, and the better supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, and restaurants, accept debit card payments.

Credit cards

Most hotels, restaurants, and shops accept international cards. The most common are MasterCard and Visa. American Express and Diners Club are also accepted at the most exclusive places.


Satellite links, fibre optics, and microwave stations offer a wide variety of options for voice, data, and image communications within Colombia and with the rest of the world. Besides the hotelsthere are places that offer Internet services to the public: the Luis Angel Arango Library, the Maloka Science Park, and some offices also offer Internet.

Tours & Tickets in Bogotá Colombia

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