So, whatever you do, you just cannot miss the natural beauty of the islands and their paradise beaches.

For such a small island, there’s actually a remarkable amount of fun things to do in San Andrés, Colombia. Obviously, it’s not surprising the beaches of the Islas de San Andres are great, but there are also several neat other things to see in San Andrés, and, of course, lots of water activities, like snorkeling and scuba diving that can be done easily and relatively cheaply.

  • Thanks to its Caribbean location, the weather in San Andrés is pure paradise. Temperatures range between 26 and 29 °C all year round so it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, the average temperature always hovers around 27 ºC.

  • Bear in mind that the dry season is from December to May and the rainy season goes from June to November. Of course, the dry season is more advisable for travel, but don’t worry though, in the wet season the rains are not heavy or constant, and they will certainly not spoil your stay.

  • Remember that tourists traveling to San Andrés should purchase a tourist card at the travel care desk in the waiting room on the day of their flight. Check the balance beforehand. Also, remember that this card must be paid for in cash.

  • Last of all, you should know that it’s not hard to find accommodation in San Andrés, since the island has a huge selection of hotel offerings, including resort hotels, boutique hotels and local guest houses, which are heritage buildings or residences owned and hosted by the indigenous population offering a guest stay representative of the local island traditions.

  • All people traveling to San Andrés must buy a tourist card at the current price of 109,000 pesos. If flying Viva Colombia, the card must be purchased in cash.

  • ATM cards from the USA did not work at all cash machines. Mine was consistently declined by Bank of Colombia, but was accepted by BBVA. Keep that in mind for #4 above.

  • San Andrés airport provides excellent wi-fi in the open air waiting area prior to going through security, however, once entering the enclosed air-conditioned area, the wi-fi is not available.

  • There is no shortage of seafood in this Caribbean paradise. So, if you’re a seafood lover (like us) then take full advantage of the fresh seafood on offer!

  • While San Andres Island is small, it isn’t THAT small. All of the coolest places are still a good 15-20 minute drive from the main city. Many visitors only rent a vehicle for one day to tour the island, but I really don’t think this is enough time. There are spots on the island that you’ll want to spend the majority of your day!

  • Safety: Before you arrive to Colombia, you might hearth at it’s dangerous and full o f drugs and cartels. Don’t listen to any of that. Just like any city around the world, there are some ‘dangerous’ areas but just practice common sense and you will be okay.

  • Avoid walk in galone after dark and just be aware of your surroundings. San Andrés is an island town where everyone is very warm and welcoming.

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