You can book various excursions in all accommodations, or you get the appropriate contact at least. The island is so small that all residents know each other personally. Above all, various boat tours cover most attractions.

What to see and do in a week (Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands): Take a walk to really get to know the marvelous places on offer go to the Lovers’ Bridge, a colorful floating walkway where you can enjoy a complete view of the landscape and appreciate the soothing quiet of the two islands. In Santa Catalina you can also visit the beach at Fort Bat, where a day of sun and relaxation awaits you.

What to see and do in two days (Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands): make sure you visit the PNN Old Providence McBean Lagoon (National Nature Park), an earthly paradise where the seven colors of the sea are on display in one single place. You can also tour the beaches in the area like the Bahia Suroeste (Southeast Bay), Bahía Agua Dulce (Freshwater Bay) and Playa de Manzanillo (Manzanillo Beach), great places for rest, good food and excellent service from locals.

Visit Cayo Cangrejo – Providencia Colombia

Visit Cayo Cangrejo - Providencia Colombia

Delicious crab patties sold in Crab Key are reason enough to visit this area in Providence, which may enjoyed swimming with fins and a mask to watch the multicolored fish. This island is part of the McBean Lagoon National Nature Park and unforgettable views from its summit are the best in the Colombian Caribbean.

Tour Crab Key Providencia Colombia – Book your tour NOW!

Black crab migration tour

Black crab migration tour - Providencia Colombia

When the land crab invasion begins in early April you should watch out where you are walking. Law protects the crabs since they are endangered and an isolated species on the island. The crabs are everywhere and can block the small roads, just push them aside if you want to pass them. The locals also respect the crabs and will report you if you don’t. The invasion lasts until the end of July.

Black crab migration tour – Book your tour NOW!

Horse ride through Providencia

Horse ride through Providencia - Providencia Colombia

Do you want to discover Providencia in an original way? On horseback you can explore the most special places on the island. Venture into the forest, enjoy the views, and relax in the crystal clear waters of Manzanillo Beach.

Horse ride through Providencia – Book your tour NOW!

Peak Mountain Trek – Providencia Colombia

Peak Mountain Trek - Providencia Colombia

Sea and mountains combine in Providencia to make it a paradisiacal island full of stories, and with this hiking route you can explore it on foot. Delve into the forest, discover the views from the highest hill and enjoy direct contact with the island’s nature.

Peak Mountain Trek – Book your tour NOW!

McBean Lagoon Kayak Tour – Providencia Colombia

McBean Lagoon Kayak Tour - Providencia Colombia

Don’t leave Providencia without exploring its most natural area. Get in the kayak and tour the McBean Lagoon National Park, the perfect combination of crystal clear waters, corals and islets.

Peak Mountain Trek – Book your tour NOW!

Santa Catalina Island – Providencia Colombia

Santa Catalina Island - Providencia Colombia

If you are in Providencia, take the opportunity to meet your neighbor: the island of Santa Catalina. The crystal clear beaches, Morgan’s Head and the Bridge of Lovers await you to tell you stories of discoverers and pirates.

Peak Mountain Trek – Book your tour NOW!

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Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands Travel Guide


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