Hotels and accommodations in Colombia – Colombian Hotels – Luxury 5 Star & Boutique Hotels in Colombia

Find the best lodging options you can find in Colombia: cabins, hotels, hostels, tourist farms, furnished apartments, country houses and much more. Hotels in Colombia Country: Colombia – Suramérica Find hotels from 3 stars to luxury hotels, boutique hotels, romantic hotels, rustic hotels full of history mixed with modernity and comfort… Tags: luxury hotels, Hotels in […]

Top 10 amazing places to visit in Colombia – 10 Best Places to Visit in Colombia – The top 10 most Instagrammable places in Colombia – Tourism in Colombia

Discover the 10 most visited destinations in Colombia, magical places Colombia see our beautiful beaches, tropical paradises, archaeological and historical sites, nature destinations, mountains and the Amazon jungle. the top 10 of the best tourist places in Colombia are: Best Places to Visit in Colombia: Cities, Nature & Beaches Tours & Tickets in Colombia COLOMBIA […]

Medical Tourism in Colombia – Health Tourism in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

Colombia in particular is competing for the Caribbean island market, where people have the money for treatment, but the medical facilities aren’t at a high level. Colombia, is recognized worldwide as a leader in providing health and medical services. It is one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America to carry out medical treatments, […]

Sun and Sand Tourism – Colombia Travel Guide

Colombia has its very own set of Caribbean islands, perfect for a weekend escape or a week of relaxation. Bathed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Colombia offers beautiful beaches which are easily reached and count with the necessary infrastructure. Beaches in Colombia When you visit the beaches of Capurganá and Sapzurro in the Department […]

Ecotourism and Nature tourism Colombia – Eco-tourism in Colombia – Nature and Adventure – Sunset Points Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

The great variety in geography, flora and fauna across Colombia has also resulted in the development of an ecotourist industry, concentrated in the country’s national parks. Popular ecotourist destinations include: along the Caribbean coast, the Tayrona National Natural Park in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range and Cabo de la Vela on the […]

Colombian cuisine – Food in Colombia – Tourism in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

Colombian cuisine includes the cooking traditions and practices of Colombia’s Caribbean shoreline, Pacific coast, mountains, jungle, and ranchlands. Colombian cuisine varies regionally and is influenced by the indigenous Chibcha, Spanish, African, Arab and some Asian cuisines. Colombian coffee is renowned for its high quality. Regional cuisines – Food in Colombia Colombia’s varied cuisine is influenced […]

Colombia as a Religious Tourism Destination – Travel Colombia

The traditions and monuments of the Catholic faith that have been followed in Colombia for several centuries are today considered high value tourist attractions for those who look to deepen their spirituality and learn about the local culture. the religious processions in Popayan of Holy Week – Tourism in Colombia Republic of Colombia – South […]

Archaelogical Tourism – List of archaeological sites – Colombia Travel Guide

A visit to archaeological sites teaches us about pre-Columbian indigenous civilizations who lived in these lands before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores. Archaeological sites in Colombia are numerous and diverse, including findings and archaeological excavations that have taken place in the area now covered by the Republic of Colombia. The archaeological finds and features […]

Cultural Tourism in Colombia – Tourism in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

Popular times to visit Colombia include the most famous festivals such as the Cali’s Fair, the Barranquilla’s Carnival, the Bogota Summer Festival, the Ibero-American Theater Festival and the Flower Festival is when the most foreign tourists go to Colombia. Many people visit Colombia during Christmas time and the celebrations surrounding the Independence of Colombia. The […]

Adventure Colombia: Tours and Travel in Colombia – Tourism in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

In Colombia you can have adventures like dive into the sea or climb snowy peaks; go rafting down rivers or fly over coffee plantations; walk, cycle or ride through valleys and mountains; and more. Colombia is sure to raise your heartrate. We offer a wide range of activities to release your body and mind from […]