Bird Watching in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

Colombia has 1910 bird species, according to the latest checklist following the South American Checklist Committee, which is more birds than any other country in the world and a number that is growing every year though new discoveries and range extensions. Colombians are extremely hospitable towards foreigners and they will make certain that your impression […]

Whale Watching in Colombia – Colombia Travel Guide

During the whale season, some three thousand of these mammals swim especially near the coast of Bay Malaga, Natural National Park Gorgon and the gulfs of Tribugá and Cupica, where they remain four and five months, although some whales are returned to Ecuador or continue to Panama and Costa Rica. it’s possible that within the […]

National Natural Parks of Colombia – Travel Guide Colombia

Colombia took the first steps towards protecting its natural heritage in 1960, when it instituted the first national protected area: the Cueva de Los Guacharos. In 1996 the Policy of Social Involvement in Conservation began to make a substantial contribution to in situ preservation of our biodiversity and, at the same time, to improve the […]