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Colombia Travel – Hotels in Colombia – Tourism ColombiaColombia Travel – Hotels in Colombia – Tourism Colombia
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Unveiled stories and legends of La Candelaria On foot – Bogota Travel Guide


Unveiled stories and legends of La Candelaria, On foot. the sights mentioned in the City Tours are described in greater detail in the Tourist Attractions section.

The neighbourhood of La Candelaria is the right setting for five centuries of Bogota’s history to rest and survive. On the walls of old buildings and surrounding streets, outstanding events and episodes taking place during this time at public and private level still echo. They are life stories embedded in the city’s official or hidden history. A hidden history at times pervaded with a nuance of legend.

In the neighbourhood houses, the day to day, odd or turbulent, anecdotic or naive past, comes to life, as entailed by the book written by Colombian writer Elisa Mújica: son las casas que hablan (it is the houses speaking out) about imps, ghosts and apparitions upsetting the peace and quiet of the Santa Fe society. Forge, plasterwork and woodcarving workshops of artisans helping preserve tradition through their work, are the dwellers of these houses. Houses were Creole food and confectionery traditions are also preserved; houses home to theatre players and artists committed to the-past, the present and the future of the country.

* Try to start your trip in the morning.
* Comfortable clothing and shoes are suggested.
* Remember there are some restrictions on taking photos in churches and museums.
* Consult this Guide for restaurants, museum opening hours, etc. The “Survival Guide” sections will be helpful for this.
* Cross the street at pedestrian crossings only.

Tour Brief

  • Santa Clara Church Museum
  • XIX Century Museum Cultural Coffee Growers Fund
  • Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions
  • House-Museum of Francisco José de Caldas. Home to scientist Caidas, a national hero. Cra 8 #6-87
  • San Agustin church
  • Nation’s General Archive
  • Archeological Museum House of Marquis of San Jorge
  • El Carmen Church, Camarín del Carmen
  • House of Viceroy Samano Cra 4 # 10-14. the Viceroy, a conceited tyrant. He won a place in history, not on account of his ability to run the country, but rather for his wrongdoings.
  • Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation Calle 10 # 3-26
  • House of the Bandit. Cra 2 # 10-39. As the story goes, the ghost of M.O. Russi, executed by firing squad in 1851 for the murder in 1851 of Manuelito Ferro, still roams the place.
  • House of Jose Maria Vargas Vila Cra 2 # 12-14. This is the birthplace of the novelist and writer of “Aura o las Violetas”.The house right across the street, known as el Ventorrillo, used to be one of the many breweries in old Bogota making chicha (an alcoholic beverage made with fermented corn and sugarcane syrup)
  • House of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History. Calle 12 # 2-41. As the story goes, one of the old owners of this house, refusing to bury it, kept the lavishly outfitted mummified body of his beautiful wife in one of the house balconies
  • La Forja. Forge. Artisan workshop
  • Residential Complex Calle del Sol. Cra 4 calle 12. An old convent, it has been recently restored and converted into a flat dwelling building. The place used to be a dungeon where torture was commonplace
  • House of Goblin Baltasar Calle 13 # 5-33. The house is currently attached to the San Jose Hospital

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