Chico Park Bogotá Colombia – What to do in Bogotá Colombia – Bogota Colombia Tourism – Bogota Colombia Travel

For relaxation, visit one of the parks. At the heart of the area is Parque de la 93, a green oasis where children play and locals come to stroll and exercise their dogs. From here, you can soak up some wonderful views of the mountains, and occasionally you will see temporary art installations here. Surrounding […]

Humedal La Conejera Wetland Tourism – What to do in Bogotá Colombia – Bogota Colombia Tourism – Bogota Colombia Travel

Humedal La Conejera is located in the village of Suba, to the northwest of the city of Bogotá. It is one of the few wetlands that has survived the massive destruction of this type of ecosystem caused by population growth and increasing economic activities in the region (DAMA, 2000). Currently, this wetland is one of […]

Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia – What to do in Bogotá Colombia – Bogota Colombia Tourism – Bogota Colombia Travel

Bogotá has established itself as one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in South America. The friendly residents of the Colombian capital, and an excellent culinary scene, only add to the intoxicating atmosphere this city exudes. Here’s our pick of what to do and where to go. 1. Sanctuary of Monserrate – Bogotá […]

Bogota Tours – Best Bogota Tours and Day Trips in Bogota Colombia – Bogota Colombia – Tourism in Colombia

Bogotá, as a city for all, offers many different activities and Tours that make it an ideal tourist destination. One of these activities is discovering Colombia’s history and its importance. To learn more about Colombia’s history, you can go downtown, where you will find the Plaza de Bolívar, the Primatial Cathedral, and the Casa de […]

Getting to San Andres Colombia – How do you want to travel to San Andrés – Airlines, Transportation – San Andres Island Colombia – San Andrés – Colombia Travel Guide

Travelling to San Andrés is one of the easiest trips in the world. Slightly over 720 km separate this archipelago from the Colombian coast, making it Colombia’s northernmost insular region in the Caribbean. It is known, among other things, for its seahorse shape and the spectacular seven shades of its sea, which may be seen […]

Recommendations Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands – Recommended Hotels in Providencia – Providencia Island Colombia – San Andres Colombia

Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands. One of the best travel experiences you’ll have is meeting the islanders. They are friendly, smiling people, as well as music and gastronomy lovers. Also, they are always ready to share the secrets of island life with tourists. Tours & Tickets in Providencia Colombia   Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands […]

Providencia Hotels Colombia – Hotels Providencia Colombia – Providencia Island Colombia – San Andres Colombia

Many of the hotels in Providencia have their bookings arranged by the all inclusive hotel chain Decameron. In addition it is possible to stay at the luxury hotel Deep Blue, Pirata Morgan Hotel, Hotel Sirius, and Sol Caribe hotel, all of whom take independent bookings. There are a handful of other small, locally run guesthouses […]

Guesthouses and B&Bs San Andres Colombia – The Best B&Bs San Andres – Budget & cool Guesthouses San Andrés – accommodation San Andres

San Andrés B&B hotels are an excellent choice for people who want to stay in comfy conditions for little money. Usually, such hotels offer a cozy room with a bed, and the conveniences can be on the floor or directly in the room. Alojamientos Neca – San Andres Colombia Featuring a shared lounge, garden and […]

hostels San Andrés Colombia – The Best Hostels in San Andres – Budget & cool Hostels on San Andrés – accommodation and Hostels on San Andres

Hostels in San Andrés can be found all around the island but mainly in the main city El Centro. Hostels are budget alternatives for hotels and resorts. You will find mostly backpackers and people that take less comfort in fancy luxurious places. Viajero Hostel San Andres Just a 5-minute walk from the beach and the […]

Apartments in San Andres Colombia – San Andres Colombia – Apartments rental – Book Vacation Rentals in San Andres, Colombia

Enjoy accommodation in apartments in San Andrés with all the comforts near the most beautiful beach on the island. Along the coastline of San Andres are various apartments for rent. We have selected a few that have positive reviews from visitors around the world. Apartamentos Chalet del Mar – San Andres Colombia Featuring a living […]