• Colombia
  • Quindio
  • Spanish
  • 650 km²
  • 299 712 hab.
  • COT (UTC−5b)
  • +57 6
  • Cuyabro(a)
  • The Plaza de Bolivar was built in 1930, one of the first places constructed by the colonizers to pay homage to Simon Bolivar, El Libertador(The Liberator)...

    Plaza Bolivar - Armenia Travel Guide
  • Cobblestone paths, bamboo bridges, waterfall, ponds, a 'skating rink', bandshell, grasslands and wooded areas can all be found in Parque de la Vida, rich in both flora and fauna...

    Life Park - Armenia Travel Guide
  • Metalwork and ceramics form the main archaeological collection of the Quimbaya Gold Museum are housed in a building designed by architect Rogelio Salmona...

    The Quimbaya Gold Museum - Armenia Travel Guide
  • Alvaro Pareja and Marta Cecilia Valencia are a married couple dedicated to preserving great musical archive of the region becoming home to the first museum of music hoya Quindio, when the museum is traversed only can think of music...

    Musical House Museum Quindio - Armenia Travel Guide

Armenia is a city of beautiful landscapes, aromas and history. The Quimbaya civilization, master goldsmiths who disappeared shortly after the Spanish conquest, originated in this area. Founded on October 14, 1889, Armenia was a part of the department of Cauca y Caldas, and became the capital of the department of Quindio when it was created in 1966.